Spoiled with nice weather and allergic rhinitis

Ever since my last post the weather here has been amazing. From all countries in Europe we actually had the highest temperatures over the last week. Yes, that is right, temperatures in Greece ranging from 15 – 20 degrees Celcius while the temperatures in the Netherlands were ranging between 25 – 30 degrees on a daily basis.

Although I find anything above 25 degrees to hot while being at work, I have to say I’ve enjoyed it. Unfortunately I work on the third floor, which happens to be the top floor as well, so our rooms don’t cool down as much as I would like. It doesn’t matter anyway, since we’re heading for some cooler weather (around 20 degrees Celcius) with some rain.

I love rain, I really do. I have to admit I only love it after a period of prolonged sunshine and high temperatures. There is actually a reason I really love it. I have a condition called Allergic rhinitis, and as you might imagine the past few days were not all that funny. I have to admit, I have had it worse than it is now. Somehow I’m thinking it doesn’t affect me all that much anymore. A couple of years back the allergic reactions seemed worse.

But still I can feel the effect of it, sometimes I have reddish eyes which itch, I have to sneeze a lot and last but not least there is the drowsiness (mostly because all that sneezing wears me down). The upside of rain is that it completely washes out the pollens from the air. Another upside is that it will clean my car as well. I used to have a dark colored car but the last few days it is turning completely yellowish from all those pollens.