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Updated: February 15, 2008
Pixelpost version: 1.7 +
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Google Maps for Pixelpost GoogleMap is a robust Google Map Pixelpost addon that puts a great amount of control in your hands. And most importantly: It doesn’t matter if your images have embedded GPS data or not.

The GoogleMap addon is a Pixelpost addon that allows the owner to give GPS locations to their images regardless if they have GPS equipment or not. The addon was created with the casual photographer in mind, who may or may not know much about GPS or even what it stands for!

GoogleMap is based upon the jbgMap (short for Jon Bulava’s Google Map) written by Jon Bulava. Jon has done an excellent job of providing the basic structure. Since then I made several updates to his code and decided to rename the whole project to GoogleMap starting from version 2.

The administration side allows the owner to navigate a Google Map and manually place a marker where each picture was taken. The GPS data of this marker is stored in the Pixelpost database and processed without any sticky conversions or in-depth knowledge. Once a photo has a location, it’s ready to be shown on the main map that your viewers see.

You can see an example of the users point of view at my photoblog. (Note: the current version on display is the development version!)

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60 thoughts on “GoogleMap Addon

  1. And the 4th (sorry):

    But it’s also the clustering option that causes problems. Tried several thing with the latest photos and the clustering option on and of and their both causing problems.

  2. Last time, feeling bit stupid to be posting 5 comments in a row, but you can make it one if you want :)

    I scanned the last 36 photos one by one what was causing the problem. I finally found out what one was causing the problems, it had this exact title: One of the founains at Via delle Quattro Fontane”

    As you can see there was by mistake a ” at the end of the title. I removed it and looked up the coordinates and it didn’t give me any problems anymore! So I guess the problem was as well for the clustering as the blanco page.

    Just a tiny stupid thingy that messed it up :)

  3. Ow yeah, titles can be confusing some times for the googlemap addon. As a programmers point of view I use strings which are encapsulated by single or double quotes (depending on my mood). If one of the string contains such a terminator, somewhere in the string, it will wreck havoc among the rest of the javascript code.

    Although it can be easily fixed by both the addon and the Pixelpost core files (HTML entities come to mind), the current version online doesn’t have this fix. The unreleased V3.0 code on my site does, but that doesn’t help your problem a bit.

    Not to worry about your five comments, when I do have the time I’ll merge them. Glad you got it fixed. =)

  4. Hi, this is a great addon, thank you so much. I’ve been using this for years I think.

    Found a little bug in info window opening code. Line 1191 in admin_GoogleMap.php misses the clean_pic_thumb parameter in createMarkerLatestPic function call. Which causes the info window output to be wrong, of course. (I’m getting ‘undefined’ in the output.)

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Great add-on. I’ve been using it on (‘View on map’ link in top bar) for a long time. Thanks for providing it!

    I recently saw another way of using maps where a thumbnail map is added to each individual photo page showing where the photo was taken (ie.

    Would it be easy to re-use the coordinates I already entered for your GoogleMap icon for an image_template level thumbnail map?

    Jesper Garde

  6. Excellent add-on, thanks for the work.

    I found one slight bug and would like to suggest a fix. I use geosetter to add gps info to the exif and then process in lightroom. As a result, the longitude and latitude are given as positive integers with a seperate key saying whether they are degrees north, south, east or west. This means anything west of the meridian or south of the equator will shop up wrongly when using the gps exif info. I’ve fixed this by modifying the addon php file with this code:

    // try to get the GPS exif data
    if (array_key_exists('LatitudeGPS', $exif_info)) {
    if (array_key_exists('Longitude ReferenceGPS', $exif_info)){
    if ($exif_info['Latitude ReferenceGPS']=='S') {
    $latitudeGPS = '-' . $exif_info['LatitudeGPS'];
    } else {
    $latitudeGPS = $exif_info['LatitudeGPS'];
    if ($exif_info['Longitude ReferenceGPS']=='W') {
    $longitudeGPS = '-' . $exif_info['LongitudeGPS'];
    } else {
    $longitudeGPS = $exif_info['LongitudeGPS'];
    else {
    $latitudeGPS = $exif_info['LatitudeGPS'];
    $longitudeGPS = $exif_info['LongitudeGPS'];
    } else {
    $latitudeGPS = NULL;
    $longitudeGPS = NULL;

    I hope you don’t mind! Thanks again.

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