HTC Touch

Christmas 2007 has past and it is time to at least try to get back in the normal rhythm. So today is the day I try to figure out how my new phone works. I upgraded my SPV C600 (Orange-branded) to a brand new HTC Touch. First impression of the Touch were absolutely fabulous. Slick design, light-weight and with a stylish black color.

However, there was this matter of importing my contacts from the old phone to the new one. The last time I had to manually re-enter all the contacts into my smartphone. I still have vivid memories of that gruesome day. I figured this time, moving from one smartphone to another, things should be easier. A quick Google search confirmed this and led me to the XDA-Developers forum were the user dotfred made a post about the PIM Backup v2.7 program.

Now transferring the contacts was just a matter of a few clicks: backup on storage card, transfer storage card to new phone, import and be happy. B-) It even managed to import appointments, old text-messages and caller history.

The XDA-Developers forum has tons of nice software for the HTC Touch so hopefully I can find more useful gems there. If you own a windows mobile based smartphone it is worth a visit.

For those of you who want to know what the fuss is about, check out this youtube video.