Paypal Donations

Yeah, that is right. I’m taking donations now. If you want to donate for one of my Pixelpost addons or just because I’m a nice guy ;-) you can find the button underneath the latest upload on the photoblog.

I consider a small donation some kind of motivation to continue to develop and maintain nice addons for Pixelpost. So let the motivation begin. =D

3 thoughts on “Paypal Donations

  1. Good news. It would be nice to see some, even very small, donations on developers accounts. Its giving motivation to work, to sleep less, to read about new things to thing about new and very interesting solutions.
    Good luck Dennis.

  2. Thanks all for the comments and a big thanks to all of you who donated. Defensio is doing a good job in stopping spam. Your comments were all marked as spam so it took a while to process them. Sorry about that.

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